This Season

My most recent project has been animating a very cute ad for the folks over at Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit, (2018) Im pretty proud, check in out! Kicking off 2018 I also had my first Sacramento exhibit. In the fall I released the animated music video for Rogue, a track off Phosphene’s newest album Breaker. The project shot with Phosphene in August 2016 and was in production for 13 months of animation before being posted and screened at the Nevada City Film Festival in September 2017. I’m extremely excited to finally share it, again Rogue ! Look out for a blog post coming up on traymedia about the process.

Kicking off 2017, Pro Arts featured two of my animations Chin Study and Smoke Stack Castle in their window gallery review here. A selection of my most recent series Marker Portraits can currently be viewed at Studio Morey (55th & MLK, Oakland). I continue to work on a commission basis in this style. For more on commissioning portraits visit here.




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