BA Anthropology and Performance 2008-2012 (Saint Mary’s College of California)


Postgraduate  2012-2014

The Birthday Party Princess Fieldwork on the representation of princesses in the United States, and children’s party entertainers. A series of projects illustrating the details of this work, and the experience of those who do it. Research methods range from the traditional to experimental. True to the tradition of the Performance Studies and Anthropology of Performance disciplines, Ray looks at the industry critically, from various mediums and often emphasizes her own role as participant and observer.

image (1)

Apps   Research regarding apps, social networking tools, and documentation tools. Looking at how they are presented, the trademark tool, similar tools marketed differently, the range of use (What tools are given, their purpose, how they are supposed to be used, how they can be used, what can not be done), access to expanded tools (e.g. cheats, money). And how these networks affect the ability to represent and document from the original source of experience.

The UK  Summer 2011, Fall 2013 

Morris Dancers Independent research in London and East Anglia, studying cultural expression and performance in the UK, with a specific focus on Morris dancing. Subsequently used as a case study of methodology and to critique anthropological representation in a post graduate lecture (2013, Saint Mary’s College).

Judaism in London Groundwork for future research on Jewish identity and Hasidic Judaism (North London).

Saint Mary’s 2008-2012 

The Flashmob 2011-2012 senior project An examination of the phenomenon of Flashmobs, digital anonymity and instant organization through historical data, written analysis, choreography, participation, video and an academic panel. Geared towards honing the ability to carry out interdisciplinary research.

Rock Paper Scissors 2011 Preliminary research in preparation for The Flashmob on the usage of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the San Francisco/Bay Area.

Public Performance 2011 Historical Research on traditional forms of Public Performance in the United States.

Public Performance: Barcelona  2011 Using Visual Anthropology to look at four areas of performance, how the performers identities were represented, the social rules constructed in each community, community and personal ritual, and the legislation surrounding them. Each project features a separate community, location and area of focus: Lindy Hop in Gracia (inclusion) Mixed medium in Parc de la Ciutadella (ritual & ownership) Street Performance on La Rambla (legislative control) La Nave and Alcatraz acrobatic-gyms (rebellion) adrian1

Adrian Parc de la Ciutadella, 2011 Photograph by Tatiana Ray
Parc de la Ciutadella, 2011
Photograph by Tatiana Ray

Local Food Economy 2010 An early Visual Anthropology project, investigating farmers and vendors who sell their goods at farmers markets in the Sacramento and Davis area.

Davis Farmers Market Fiddler's Green Farm Davis CA 2010
Davis Farmers Market
Fiddler’s Green Farm
Davis CA 2010

Canvassing 2009 As series of interviews with employees of Grassroots Campaigns, a company that provides canvassers for political campaigns.


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