Commissioning Marker Portraits

Pen & Art Marker Intimate Portraits

Original 6×6 graphic art marker & pen portraits, photo shoot included.


6×6 Commission $250

8×8 Couples Portrait (Two Subjects) $350

Original (already completed) $150

Set of Three: $30 off

Rush Commission (less than a 3 week turn around, if available) $350



How do I contact you to order Original Art Market Portraits?

Email me with:

 How many portraits you would like

 The subject of each portrait

 The best potential photo shoot times

 Your location

 Any additional art related inquiries (


Can you do a drawing from a photograph I have?

I typically take my own composition photos for drawings. I have made exceptions in

the past for subjects who are deceased or out of the area or country. Because I use a

high level of detail, the photo must meet certain parameters, be of high quality, in

sharp focus, and the composition must be close to the face.


How long does it typically take to complete a commission?

Generally 8-12 weeks.


What is the photo shoot like?

The studio I work out of is in Oakland, California, in the U.S.A.. I photograph the

majority of clients in their home or in a space that is theirs. I ask portrait subjects to

set aside an hour, though most photo shoots are closer to 30 minutes. Travel is

included within 30 miles of Martinez, Ca.


Can you do a portrait of my pet?

Yes. Absolutely, I often do portraits of beloved pets.


When is payment made?

A 50% deposit is made at the time of scheduling (or is paid by the photo shoot

date.) The final 50%, is due upon portrait completion & delivery.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept check, cash, card, Pay Pal, Venmo, or Cash (squares app).


Commissioning Portraits under Special Circumstances:

What if I need a portrait done in less then two weeks?

Rush portraits are completed in under 2 weeks, are $350, but are not always

available. If the portrait is a gift or time sensitive, I will do my best to complete

portraits in less than 2 weeks. Please inquire if you need this special service and if I

can possibly make it happen for you, I will.


My pet is protective and does not like strangers; can you still do their portrait?

If you have a very protective or aggressive pet, we can discuss using a pre existing

photograph. The cost is the same as for commissions that include a photography

session, since most photos will require significant editing to meet the portrait

parameters needed to do my best work.


I have a child or loved one who is ill or has developmental disabilities and I don’t think they could

do a photography session, is it still possible to commission a portrait of them?

I have past and ongoing experience working with children with developmental

differences. Tell me more and we will work out the best possible solution to make your

child’s portrait a reality.

For beloved elders or family members whose health is fragile, lets talk and see what

we can come up with. There is always a way to make something happen. Tell me

about your loved one’s situation and I will figure out the best way to get their

portrait done.


How do I get my finished portrait? Do you ship or deliver it and is delivery included or


The majority of the time I like to hand deliver work within the bay and sacramento areas.

Shipping within the United States is included. There is a fee for shipping abroad.


Thank-you for your interest in Original Pen + Art Marker Intimate Portraits. I Iook

forward to hearing from and working with you!


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